Advice for Parents of Toddlers


A Lasting, Science-Based Approach to Toddler Behavior Management (That Works)

At some point, all new parents will hear the warnings about the next phase of childhood—challenging toddler behavior.

But, such warnings are easy to ignore when we stare into our baby’s innocent eyes.

Then, one day it happens. The grocery store tantrum. Or the meltdown over a broken cookie. Maybe even hitting another child.
It’s alarming, it can feel embarrassing, and it can trigger feelings of parenting failure.

While it’s difficult to understand your child’s needs and behaviors during toddlerhood, your response matters.

And it’s why our founder, Tammy Gold, developed The Therapeutic Parenting Method for parents.

The Therapeutic Parenting Method uses psychology, scientific research, and real-life experience to help you navigate this new stage in your child’s development.

You’re Overwhelmed, Stressed & Frustrated Not Being Able To Understand Why Your Toddler Acts The Way They Do

It’s not uncommon for parents who are entering the toddler years for the first time, or even the fourth time, to feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

Of course, you experience joy and a great sense of pride in watching your little one grow, and those fantastic moments still fill your heart, but something else is there, too.

Worry. Stress. Failure.

You know you’ve done your best to be a good role model for your child, so this sudden change in behavior can cause confusion.

If you’ve found yourself googling “bad toddler behavior,” we want you to know you’re not alone. It’s one of the most commonly searched topics for parents of toddlers.

Inability To Communicate

As a toddler, your child is struggling to find ways to communicate their needs because their speech abilities are still evolving.

This can be very discouraging for your toddler (and for you).

The inability to adequately communicate what they want or need at a particular moment makes toddlers feel frustrated and misunderstood—which can lead to an emotional meltdown.

Your toddler wants to tell you their desires, and they simply can’t.

The Therapeutic Parenting Method will teach you the techniques to effectively communicate with your toddler so you can identify your child’s needs and quickly diffuse a situation that may otherwise escalate.

Meeting Developmental Milestones

Thinking about developmental milestones can be very stressful for parents.

Well-intentioned comments about your child’s speech or size may leave you worrying that your child is falling behind—and that you may have had something to do with it.

If you have concerns about your toddler’s milestones, we are here to help.

The Therapeutic Parenting Method allows parents to thrive because it allows them to understand what they can do emotionally and educationally to help their toddler meet critical developmental milestones.

The “Terrible Twos” And The “Terrible Threes”

It’s easy to lose patience at this stage of your child’s development because verbal communication can be challenging.

Most parents automatically turn to Google for toddler behavior management strategies but quickly find that the internet is riddled with conflicting information and advice from so-called “experts” in parenting.

In reality, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to toddler behavior, so how can you know which approach is best for you and your child?

The Therapeutic Parenting Method doesn’t provide you with a “toddler behavior checklist.”

We know every child is different, and we will help you navigate your child’s unique behaviors.

The Gold Standard Method Has Worked For Hundreds Of Families With Toddlers

For more than a decade, our Therapeutic Parenting Method experts have helped hundreds of families through the toddler years using a combination of psychology, scientific research, and human connection.

We understand your frustration because we are parents, too.

The Therapeutic Parenting Method provides families with more than just advice. We will equip you with life-long strategies to connect emotionally and educationally with your toddler.

We will educate you (not tell you) how you can connect and communicate with your toddler to positively influence their behavior.

We Help You Connect Emotionally With Your Toddler To Meet Developmental Milestones

Toddlerhood is an emotionally tumultuous time for your child (and maybe you too).

Meltdowns, irrational behavior, tantrums over what seems to be the littlest thing—connecting with your child’s unpredictable emotions may seem impossible.

We understand how these emotional outbursts can cause frustration and even fear.

The Therapeutic Parenting Method was developed by a parent for parents.

We truly understand the myriad of emotions that come with parenting your toddler. We can teach you the techniques to connect with your child’s emotions during this critical stage in their development.

We Help You Connect Educationally With Your Toddler To Meet Developmental Milestones

At this tender age, your toddler will undergo an unbelievable amount of growth—physically, emotionally, and educationally. And as parents, you want to get it right.

We don’t believe in a checklist system for monitoring your child’s educational development.

Instead, we know that each child is different, and how you connect with them as parents will help shape how they learn.

The Therapeutic Parenting Method provides families with an individualized approach to relating to their child at an educational level that is age-appropriate and focused on development through communication and connection.

We Educate You (Not Tell You) On How To Connect With Your Toddler & Influence Their Behavior

Parenting your toddler can feel like an uphill battle. It can be incredibly challenging to understand what your child needs at this age because communicating with a toddler is tricky.

The key to communicating with a toddler is first to understand them and then connect with them in a way that encourages a positive response.

The Therapeutic Parenting Method focuses on educating parents on varying connection methods—unique methods for your family that will help you influence future toddler behaviors.

Ready For Some Expert Help With Toddlers?

Unfortunately, parenting toddlers doesn’t come with a manual. Conflicting online advice can leave parents wondering how to guide their child through toddlerhood.

We have spent more than a decade helping families from every background through the “terrible twos and threes,” we can help you, too.

The Therapeutic Parenting Method equips families with the tools they need to navigate the challenges of the toddler years successfully and happily.

We Have Solutions for All Phases of Parenthood

Therapeutic Parenting Method Can Help

Together, we’ll help you develop a parenting plan to fit whatever phase of life your children are in.