Finding a Nanny

We wrote the book on nannies. Now let us help you find yours.

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Is a Nanny the Best Option for Your Family?

Leaving your children in the care of someone else is never easy. For many parents, the idea of letting someone else take care of their children is heart-wrenching.

Caretakers can greatly influence your children’s development. At Therapeutic Parenting, we know how important it is to find a nanny who meets all of your family’s needs.

But how do you know if hiring a nanny is the best option for your family?

Our Therapeutic Parenting Method provides a structured assessment of your needs to help you confidently determine if a nanny is the best childcare for your family.

Nanny with Baby

Deciding if a Nanny is the Best Solution for Your Child

Determining if a nanny (or which nanny) is best for your family can be a long and complicated process if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Many times, because parents don’t have the tools to navigate these unknowns, they choose a nanny based on convenience—not on what is best for their family. For instance, it can be very different searching for a nanny in New York than it is in Los Angeles.

Quality childcare should always come before convenience.

Nanny Search

Not Your Typical Nanny Search

The Therapeutic Parenting Method coaches believe in going above and beyond to find the perfect fit.

Our methods weren’t created to quickly make a match and move on. They’ve come from years of professional and personal experience in the nanny industry.

Instead of basing your search off of things that are quick and convenient like online profiles, “about me” pages, availability, etc. — we focus on teaching techniques that will help you find a nanny that truly benefits your entire family.