Our proven parenting method merges human connection with scientific expertise.

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Tammy with Daughters

About Tammy Gold

Our world is filled with pop-up this and trending that, where so-called “influencers” with no training and minimal experience dole out untested advice.

Best-selling author, parenting coach, speaker, and therapist Tammy Gold distinguishes herself by backing up her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Columbia University and Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Pennsylvania with almost 20 years of experience helping families like yours.

Every Family Deserves Therapeutic Parenting

Our “Therapeutic Parenting Method,” developed from two decades of research and hands-on experience, has positively impacted countless families worldwide. Tammy’s background in addressing behavioral difficulties in children highlighted the crucial need for parents to have effective tools from infancy onwards. Integrating her clinical expertise with personal experience, Tammy founded her company to provide education and support, driven by the realization of her own parenting struggles and subsequent success.

Tammy’s non-judgmental, empathy-driven style focuses on the parent-child relationship’s role in overall wellness, applicable to all types of families and situations. She combines the proven teachings of Dr. John Bowlby and Carl Roger to give parents a roadmap rooted in psychology and research. A prolific subject matter expert, Tammy has been featured on programs such as Good Morning America, The Today Show, and CBS News—as well as 100+ publications, guiding parents in their journey. She literally wrote the book on childcare.

Supporting Every Part of the Family is Critical

Tammy’s proven strategies and tested approach are a resource parents can rely on to help them understand their children and what impacts their behavior and offer them the support and peace of mind they need.

There are many therapists, coaches, and parenting experts out there, but few offers the unique therapist-coach-parenting mix and proprietary method Tammy’s Therapeutic Parenting Method allows parents to understand their child emotionally, developmentally, biologically and environmentally. Using this method, Tammy gives parents everywhere the tools to understand better and communicate with their children so that the entire family can thrive.

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The Four Pillars

By examining all four pillars of a problem, our approach uncovers solutions that might have otherwise been overlooked.


Your child’s general health and medical status—basically any information you might get from your pediatrician. This includes issues such as allergies, vision or hearing problems, or more complex diagnoses like ADHD or autism.


Your child’s emotional and mental capabilities change as they grow up. Their behavior and patterns can evolve (and regress) from six months old up until young adulthood.


Environmental factors include where a child lives, who they live with, number of siblings, income level, event pets. There is no “correct” setting to raise a family, but we strongly believe environment has to be considered when problem solving.



The mental status of your child can encompass a variety of emotional issues—even ones that may be age appropriate (such as tantrums). This is one of the most difficult elements to get a handle on, but parents usually know their kids better than anyone.