Hiring an Au Pair

Let’s evaluate the au pair option through a structured assessment of your family’s needs.

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Is an Au Pair the Best Option for Your Family?

When families start thinking about childcare solutions, many don’t consider hiring an au pair to care for their child—mainly because they’re not sure what an au pair is or does.

An au pair, meaning a caregiver from another country, takes on the position of a part-time, live-in caretaker for your child. Typically an au pair will live for one year in the United States as part of their studies.

The experts at Therapeutic Parenting have recommended and helped source au pair care for hundreds of families and we are well-equipped to help you determine if an au pair is the right fit for yours.

Au Pair with Child

Deciding if an Au Pair is the Best Solution for Your Child

Our experts use The Therapeutic Parenting Method to find the best childcare solution for your family. We are committed to understanding your needs as a family, and we won’t make a childcare recommendation unless we know your life will be enriched by the decision.

Through a structured assessment of your requisites, we can help you determine if an au pair is the best option for you and, if so, equip you with the tools to find the best au pair available.

What Your Family’s Ideal Fit Looks Like

Our team is focused on whether an au pair is the right fit for you and what you need from an au pair.

We leave no stone unturned in assessing your wants for an ideal au pair to enrich your child’s development and balance your family life.

We Understand what Some Families Need

  • Part-time care of 15 hours a week or less
  • Care for more than 30 hours a week
  • An au pair that can add a second language to your child’s daily life
  • An au pair to complement a primary childcare solution
  • A youthful playmate for their child
  • An older, more experienced caregiver