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Build healthy kids and happy homes with Therapeutic Parent Coaching. Backed by science, practiced by parents, grounded in child development.

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20 Years in the Making

Therapeutic Parenting Method

Therapeutic Parent Coaching is a science-focused, parent-confirmed, and child-approved process that has helped thousands of families.

We’ve been making the process more refined, with better and better results, over the last 20 years. We have the science and data to prove our work. Our trusted four-pillar approach will help your family find clarity, purpose, peace, and a confident path forward. The result? Happy, healthy kids (with happy, healthy parents).





Supporting and Educating Parents During Every Phase of their Familial Lifecycle

For 20 years, we’ve supported parents in selecting the right provider amidst the overwhelming number of “parenting experts” on social media.

Our founder, Tammy, a licensed Therapist and Certified Coach, personally speaks to new clients in complimentary 15-minute calls, addressing questions, credentials, and matching services to your family’s needs.

Parenting Needs

  • Pregnancy & New Parent Needs
  • Infant Sleep, Colic, Feeding
  • Managing Toddler Behaviors
  • Preschool & School Transition
  • New Siblings Communication
  • Teen Social Media Communication
  • College Emotional Transition

Childcare Support

  • Choosing Daycare/Nanny/Au Pair/Babysitter
  • Daycare Selection & Transition
  • Creating Childcare Job Descriptions
  • Finding and Selecting Caregivers
  • Interview/Trial Assistance for Families
  • Family/Caregiver Work Agreements
  • Candidate Onboarding/Training Assistance

Eldercare Solutions

  • Assessing Needs of Aging Parents
  • Elder Coaching: Video/Phone/In-Person
  • Family-Elder Communication Assistance
  • In/Out of Home Elder Care Assessment
  • Find/Interview/Trial Homecare Applicants
  • Finalize Paperwork & Onboard Caregiver
  • Family-Home Care Center Communication

Introductory calls are available daily between 12pm – 1pm and 6:30pm – 7:30pm EST and PST.
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Parenting Coach Tammy Gold

Meet Founder Tammy Gold

Tammy Gold is a licensed therapist, certified parent coach, published author, and founder of the Therapeutic Parenting Method.

As an internationally renowned parenting expert, she appears regularly on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Fox News, Huffington Post, and TheBump (to name a few).

Tammy is an ivy league-educated proud mom of 3 living in California.

Ivy League Schools

Access the Secrets of The Nanny Whisperer

Finding the right caregiver for your children can be one of parenting’s most challenging tasks.

But with Secrets of the Nanny Whisperer, you’ll have access to the Bible of childcare. It’s based on the Gold Standard of care with advice from child development expert, social worker, and family therapist Tammy Gold.

Parenting Book
Mother and Daughter

Teach through Translation

Searching the internet for answers can be overwhelming.

The Therapeutic Parenting Method equips parents with the means to recognize the emotional, environmental, biological, and psychological reasoning behind every behavior, at every stage of growth.

We give parents the life-long foundational learnings that can be applied through every step in their child’s development.

We’re Making a Difference

Lisa F.

“Using this method we were better able to understand what behaviors were age appropriate for our toddler and how to better connect with him.”

Lisa F.
Los Angeles, CA

John C.

“Having someone literally joining us to interview, reference check and onboard a new nanny was beyond helpful in a scary overwhelming process.”

John C.
New York, NY

Sandy R.

“Doing sessions with my aging mom was beyond helpful because we were able to create a solid care plan to address her emotional and physical needs.”

Sandy R.
Bridgeport, CT

Adam S.

“We had no idea what a daycare was, let alone how to select one. Being coached on what to look for and questions to ask made the process less daunting.”

Adam S.
Culver City, CA

Andrea Z.

“Using the method to understand the environmental challenges affecting our teen was priceless and empowered us to create positive solutions.”

Andrea Z.
Santa Monica, CA