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Breaking down problems to give parents tools for happier, healthier children.

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Parenting Solutions Based in Science & Proven Through The Results

As an industry expert, psychologist, and mother, Tammy Gold understands how easy it is to feel overwhelmed like you just can’t get it right as a parent.

Thousands of people have come to us asking for parenting help, looking for “how-to’s” and the “best parenting advice.”

For over a decade, our Gold Standard coaches have been helping parents successfully adapt to every stage of parenthood with our parenting solutions.

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We Have Solutions for All Phases of Parenthood

From expecting your first child to raising teenagers, something new is always happening. We’ll help you develop a parenting plan to fit whatever phase of life your children are in.

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It’s Easy to Take Control of Parenthood with a Therapeutic Method to Follow

When you have the right tools, it becomes easy to take control of parenthood

Our Therapeutic Parenting Method helps parents have a more rewarding parenting experience, even through the challenging moments.

Every family deserves therapeutic parenting so children can thrive.

We offer guidance and support to parents from every background, examining what is happening with your child developmentally, biologically, environmentally, and emotionally. With easily accessible resources like ours, it’s easy to become the parent you want to be using our unique method.