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A Lasting, Science-Based Approach to Help You “Decode” Your Teenager’s Behavior

Every parent of a teenager knows that teens can be difficult, moody, and downright defiant at times.

This behavior seems to crop up out of nowhere. One day, you’re a parent to a clever and bubbly tween, and the next, you’re on an emotional rollercoaster with your new teenager.

Dealing with difficult teenage sons or daughters is a challenge—and communicating with them is a seemingly impossible task.

We understand. We’ve been there too.

That’s why our founder and parenting expert, Tammy Gold, developed The Therapeutic Parenting Method for parents.

Using psychology and a science-based approach, we can help you decode your
teenager’s baffling behaviors and create channels for positive communication.

You’re Overwhelmed, Stressed & Frustrated Not Being Able To Understand Why Your Teenager Acts The Way They Do

Teenagers experience radical changes that can affect every aspect of their lives. While they attempt to make sense of their new physical, emotional, and hormonal reality, the rest of the family may feel like they’re walking through a minefield.

These life-altering physiological changes are confusing and difficult for teens to navigate.

As parents, this is stressful and frustrating because we want to help, but our teens run hot and cold—and communication is sometimes non-existent.

Nobody wants to be left in the dark, least of all parents.

The Therapeutic Parenting Method was explicitly designed for this reason.

We won’t just tell you what to do; we will equip you with the skills and knowledge to communicate effectively with your teenager so you can guide them through their adolescent years with support and encouragement.

Biological and Developmental Changes In Your Teenager

At this stage, your teenager is experiencing biological changes that affect their physical and emotional development.

In addition to their physical transformation, your teenager’s hormones are surging.

This can lead to emotional ups and downs and changes in their daily habits.

You may have felt prepared to discuss these developments with your teenager, only to have them shut you out completely.

No matter how many times you rehearse “the talk,” it very rarely goes as planned and can leave your teen feeling awkward or embarrassed.

We’ve seen it many times, and we can help.

The Therapeutic Parenting Method gives you the tools to understand your teen’s feelings about these biological changes—and how to talk about them—so you can help them build confidence and self-esteem as they head toward adulthood.

Environmental Changes In Your Teenager

Being a teenager today is hard. The pressures of competition in school, sports, and social status can cause stress for your teen.

Peer pressure, or peer influence, is a big part of your teen’s everyday life. More than ever your teenager wants to belong to a particular group. They want to fit in.

The importance of peer acceptance can cause your teen to distance themselves from you as they try to discover who they are.

This is scary for parents. While you want to encourage independence, you don’t want your teen to pull away from you completely.

The Therapeutic Parenting Method is centered around understanding the “why” behind these behaviors so you can stay connected to your teen through these social challenges.

We’ll help you guide your teenager toward positive decision-making while staying true to themselves.

The Therapeutic Parenting Method Has Worked For Hundreds Of Families With Teenagers

For over a decade, our experts have used The Therapeutic Parenting Method to position hundreds of families for success. Our science-based approach counsels parents through the tricky stages of adolescent development.

We understand the challenges you’re facing with your teen, and we are here to help you nurture your relationship and foster a deeper understanding and connection with your teenager.

Our method was thoughtfully formulated by leading parenting expert and mother of three Tammy Gold.

Tammy uses modern psychology, scientific research, and real-life experience through every step of the process so you can feel confident that you’ll connect with your teen in a way that makes sense for YOUR family.

We Educate You (Not Tell You) On How to Connect With Your Teenager & Influence Their Behavior

With The Therapeutic Parenting Method, you can expect more than a checklist or teenage behavior charts for guidance on positively influencing your teenager.

We believe in educating, not telling, parents how they can connect with their teens.

We will help you cultivate a relationship that values your teenager’s need for independence while positioning you as the role model they can come to for advice in any situation.

In today’s world of information overload, the internet is full of “fake experts” who claim they have the answers. But what’s suitable for one family may not be good for all families.

Our approach is as individualized and unique as you and your family.

Ready For Some Expert Help With Teenagers?

You may find yourself scouring the internet for the “right way” to guide your teen through these turbulent years, only to find that almost everyone claims to be an expert, yet none of the information you see is helpful.

The Therapeutic Parenting Method was developed to teach parents the “why” of every behavior.

Equipped with this knowledge and the tools we provide based on your needs, you can feel confident in your ability to communicate expertly with your teenager.

These articles will help you achieve successful communication and a lasting connection with your teen.

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