Advice for Parents of School-Age Kids


A Lasting, Science-Based Approach to Child Behavior Management (That Works)

Your children are off to school, learning to socialize with others, gaining independence, and developing their individuality.

For many families, these new experiences lead to days with irritable, overstimulated children who don’t know how to express their needs or emotions.

Leaving parents with the big question:
“Why are my children acting this way?”

Understanding and managing your children’s challenging behaviors can feel impossible.

Acclaimed author and therapist Tammy Gold has created empathy-driven, science-based strategies (that work) for parents like you.

Our strategies and techniques will help you learn to communicate with your children, manage challenging behaviors, and provide them with the skills to build the confidence needed to speak openly about their feelings.

Feeling Overwhelmed, Stressed & Frustrated Not Being Able To Understand Why Your Children Act The Way They Do

Although school-aged children typically know that there are consequences for their actions, many still struggle with expressing their feelings and emotions. This can result in unpleasant behaviors like backtalk, aggression, and ignoring requests.

These frustrating behaviors lead parents to ask us, “What am I doing wrong? Why are my children misbehaving?

For many parents, these behaviors trigger feelings of failure, but you are not failing.

This is a monumental time for all children.
Their language skills are improving, but as they try to find their place in the world and experience new things, they can’t always communicate their feelings with empathy.

During a time with so many colossal changes, it’s not abnormal for your children to become defiant and closed off.

Our parenting experts and communication strategies can help your children learn how to advocate for their feelings and feel more comfortable expressing themselves in and out of the home.

Trouble In School

Poor academic performance, lack of focus, and trouble connecting with their peers can discourage children.

Some children become lost and unsure of how to communicate about what’s happening at school or feel they can’t ask for help.

We’ve helped hundreds of families overcome the troubles their children are facing in school. We create strategies to overcome these challenges that lead to lasting success.

Bullying (Both Sides)

Parents want to avoid receiving a phone call from school about bullying.

If your child is being bullied, they may be too embarrassed or scared to bring it up.

If your child is a bully, he or she may struggle to comprehend social emotions such as guilt, empathy, and compassion.

With proper guidance (and assistance from our coaches) during this stage of life, children learn to show empathy and gain an understanding of how their actions affect others.

Not Listening

As parenting coaches, we hear from hundreds of parents who are asking,
“Why won’t my child listen to me?”

No matter how often parents repeat themselves, leave notes, or ask their children to do something, they still fail to listen.

Feelings of powerlessness often arise when our children are continually defiant.

We provide the clarity needed to understand why children “just won’t listen” and what parents can do to open the lines of communication.

Emotionally Turbulent (Anger, Anxiety, Etc.)

Pre-adolescence is accompanied by enormous emotional development.

Children this age are often starting puberty, becoming self-conscious, and learning how to become more independent.

As these changes occur, children may feel suffocated, unable to describe their feelings, or unsure of how to communicate that they’re just having a bad day.

As parenting coaches, we’ve helped many parents whose children struggle with these adjustments. By working closely with parents, we develop unique strategies to avoid breakdowns and successfully get to the root of your child’s behavior.

The Gold Standard Method Has Worked For Hundreds Of Families With School-Aged Children

Our coaches have contributed to successful parenting in hundreds of families with school-aged children.

The Therapeutic Parenting Method focuses on empathy-based communication, created for parents by parents.

These strategies equip families with communication techniques that positively impact their school-aged children, resulting in less anxiety and more freedom of expression.

We Help You Find Clarity & Connect With Your Child

Communication is key.

The school-age years are a time of massive growth. Your children may have a hard time digesting—and talking about—all the changes.

If you’re unable to communicate with your children successfully, or you feel like they’ve shut you out, our team of experts can help.

Effectively communicating with your children can improve the connection and bond they
have with you.

We can help you teach your children how to reconnect with their family members—how to make them feel empowered and encouraged to open up about their feelings and the struggles they are facing.

We Help You Create a Child Behavior Management Plan Based On Your Families Needs

Every child handles changes during this stage of life differently. Every family dynamic is different, and no two families raise their children the same.

Just like adults, every child has his/her own way of processing emotions and changes.

At the Therapeutic Parenting Method, we value these differences.

By getting to know your family and your unique situation, our parenting experts can offer direction and create a child behavior management plan that best suits your family.

We Educate You (Not Tell You) On How to Connect With Your Child & Influence Their Behavior

At the Therapeutic Parenting Method, we believe in showing, not telling.

You are your child’s primary role model. What you show your children has a much more significant impact on them than what you tell them.

Our team is here to provide parents with an understanding of how they can help their children communicate their needs and emotions—how to become their own advocates.

These strategies enable children (and families) with the ability to communicate empathetically, confidently, and freely for the rest of their lives.

Ready For Some Expert Help With School-Aged Children?

Are your child’s challenging behaviors stressing you?

As parents ourselves, Gold Standard coaches can relate. We want you to know you are not alone.

We provide parents like you with a judgment-free zone to ask for the expert assistance you need to support your child’s growth.

We Have Solutions for All Phases of Parenthood

Therapeutic Parenting Method Can Help

Together, we’ll help you develop a parenting plan to fit whatever phase of life your children are in.