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Pregnancy Solutions for Soon-to-Be Parents

Pregnancy is an experience unlike any other.

Physical changes, surging hormones, cravings, and fatigue are only a few challenges an expectant mom (and dad) may deal with.

What most first-time parents don’t realize is that pregnancy also affects their relationships with their partners and their views on life. They often start questioning what’s to come.

As a mother of three, parenting coach, and clinician, Tammy Gold, our founder, realized early on that there were not enough easily accessible science-based resources to answer soon-to-be parents’ questions about pregnancy and parenthood.

Her solution? The Therapeutic Parenting Method.

The Therapeutic Parenting Method assists families in handling current challenges, assesses potential future struggles, and aids prospective parents in identifying solutions that can be easily adapted to any lifestyle.

Fear and Anxiety During Pregnancy Are Making You Feel Stuck

Many new parents expect to be excited and delighted throughout this phase of life.

Then, as they start to navigate through things like finances, unexpected physical complications, or childcare concerns, families can sometimes start struggling with emotions of fear, anxiety, and frustration.

It isn’t abnormal to have these feelings about the unknown.

For pregnant women, these feelings are only heightened by their pregnancy symptoms. Lack of sleep, for example, can leave anyone feeling a little on edge.

Emotional Uncertainty

During such a monumental time in life, soon-to-parents often come to us asking, “Why am I feeling this way?”

Constant worries, physical stressors, and hormones may contribute to your constantly fluctuating emotions during pregnancy.

These emotional shifts that come with pregnancy can be exhausting for every member of your family.

Figuring Out How To Work Together As A Parenting Team

Research suggests the top three topics couples fight about the most are sex, money, and parenting.

Moms and dads often fail to talk with each other before having a baby about what values they want to instill in their children or what their expectations are as parents.

Instead of waiting until after your baby is born to start figuring things out, you can use these nine months of pregnancy to discuss your core values, agree upon discipline tactics, and define how you will work as a team.

Our team of experts has many resources to help expectant parents navigate these tough discussions and prepare for a new baby with confidence.

You’re Overwhelmed By Everything You Feel You SHOULD Be Doing

The baby books, the videos, your great-grandmother—they all tell parents how they should be handling pregnancy and what they should expect.

Everyone thinks they have the right answer.

All of these opinions can make parents feel undereducated and unqualified to be a parent.

Instead of enjoying their pregnancy, they spend most of their time worrying about what they “should” be doing.

As parents ourselves, our team at Therapeutic Parenting Method never wants to tell you how you should feel or what you should be doing. Our goal is to guide you through the troubles you’re facing and assess any you may have in the future.

The Therapeutic Parenting Method Has Worked for Hundreds of Pregnant Families

For over a decade, our founder, Tammy has been supporting families throughout their pregnancies and beyond using her Therapeutic Parenting Method.

This method provides the knowledge and tools families need to navigate pregnancy and prepare for struggles they may face during parenthood.

We Reduce Your Fear And Anxiety On A Framework Based In Science

By preparing families for potential challenges and equipping them with the tools they need to overcome them, our science-based approach reduces the fear and anxiety that many families face during pregnancy.

We Get To The Root Of Your Pregnancy Anxiety By Getting To Know Your Unique Situation

Our team of highly trained professionals with backgrounds in psychotherapy understand how difficult it is to grasp why you’re feeling so much anxiety during your pregnancy.

Together, we’ll get to the root of your anxiety by learning about your unique situation, what’s triggering your anxiety, and providing you with resources to overcome it.

We Educate You (Not Tell You) On How To Take Control During This Uncertain Time

Our goal as parenting professionals isn’t to tell soon-to-be-parents how to overcome these emotional obstacles.

We believe that knowledge is power.

We strive to educate families on ways to overcome anxiety, prepare for the future, and gain the confidence they need during their journey into parenthood.

Our Pregnancy Solutions Are For All Expecting Parents:

Googling, “pregnancy help” can lead to all sorts of websites for women, men, families, or couples who aren’t sure what to do after they become pregnant.

Many of these websites provide generalized information about pregnancy.

At Therapeutic Parenting Method, we don’t generalize anyone’s situation.

We know that everyone’s pregnancy experience will be different.

Our pregnancy solutions were created to empower all expecting parents.

Our solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all. We want to understand the intricacies of the families we work with and provide tools based on their unique needs.

Single Parent Pregnancy Help

As a single parent, the thought of going through pregnancy alone, giving birth, and then being the sole provider for your baby 24/7, can be daunting.

We’ve worked with single parents who are scared, frustrated, and overcome with anxiety.

We know that having a support system makes all the difference in calming these emotions.

Our experts are ready to be your support system—to teach you how to conquer your fears and prepare for future experiences.

Married Couples Pregnancy Help

Marriage and pregnancy can create a delicate situation. Changes in your sex life, emotional triggers, and mixed emotions about the future—handling all of these things can be difficult.

It’s not uncommon for men and women to experience a bit of a disconnect during pregnancy.

Women are going through all the physical changes, while men feel that—although they played a part in creating this new baby—they get no credit.

We’ve helped hundreds of couples overcome relationship struggles rooted in pregnancy and confidently prepare for their new baby to enter the world.

Separated Couples Pregnancy Help

Separating from a partner during pregnancy can be devastating. Pregnancy is already an emotionally and physically taxing time.

Now, on top of all of your pregnancy concerns, you have to learn how to co-parent with your ex-partner and their (potential) new partner, too.

There are many questions separated couples must answer:

Will you both be going to prenatal appointments? Who will be in the delivery room? How will you handle separation while caring for your new baby?

Our parenting experts can help you develop a plan that leaves both parents feeling confident during this stage of life.

Teen Pregnancy Help

There are approximately 750,000 teenage pregnancies in the United States every year. No parent ever expects their teenager to become a statistic.

For some, the moment they find out their teenager is having a baby may be the first time they find out their child is sexually active.

How do you handle this situation? Where do you go from here?

Therapeutic Parenting coaches are here to support your entire family during this adjustment period. As a judgment-free zone for your teen, we can provide guidance, answer questions, and share resources.

Ready For Some Expert Pregnancy Help?

Whether you’re a single parent or a couple preparing to bring a baby into the world, our coaches are here to guide you and help you find clarity.

We’ll assess your situation and the problems that have or may emerge and provide solutions you can benefit from during and after your pregnancy.

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