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Newborn Care Strategies—Based In Science—That Create Clarity For Parents

Most parents, if not all, feel tremendous pressure, even fear, when caring for a newborn baby.

Parents know they want to give their children the best life, but when their baby enters the world, they begin to feel underprepared and overwhelmed.

Therapeutic Parenting Method was founded to help parents like you looking for advice and assistance related to newborn care.

Does newborn baby care leave you feeling underprepared?

Before having a newborn baby in your home, visiting the grocery store, getting a workout in, or spending time with friends was easy.

With a newborn, alone time becomes nonexistent, preparing to run errands turns into training for a marathon, and your friends often seem out of reach.

What many parents don’t realize is that feeling underprepared is entirely normal.

It’s not out of the ordinary for parents to start feeling stuck. You may even feel guilty and ashamed for missing the simplicity of life before having a baby.

Whether you’ve just had your first baby or you’re on baby number three, bringing a newborn into the world is always accompanied by many changes and mixed emotions.

Emotional Uncertainty

You’ve just brought a beautiful baby into your home, but now you’re being sent on an emotional rollercoaster—highs of joy and exhausting bouts of “baby blues.”

Postpartum hormone surges, lack of sleep, and learning how to take care of a new baby can really take a toll on your emotions. These fluctuating emotions leave many new parents feeling overwhelmed.

Know that you are not alone.

If you’re experiencing any of these feelings, our team of science-focused parenting coaches can support you.

Big Routine Changes That Are Impacting Sleep, Eating, Exercise, and More

Postpartum changes impact every aspect of a mom’s (and dad’s) life.

Having a baby impacts your health, sleeping habits, relationships, and more.

It’s normal to feel less than prepared for these significant changes.

Studies from the University of Miami found that couples often experience negative impacts on their relationships after becoming parents. These fallouts typically aren’t permanent, but many parents need help reigniting their emotional and physical connections after having a baby.

We’ve helped dozens of families navigate these hurdles.

Feelings Of Failure Due To The Lack Of A How-To Manual

You’ll leave the hospital with pamphlets of information:

  • How a lactation consultant can help with breastfeeding
  • Who to contact if you feel you may have postpartum depression
  • How to manage pain after giving birth
  • Infant safety guides

But there’s no instruction manual on “How to care for your baby the right way.

Although we don’t have an instruction manual for your baby, we have decades of experience and science-backed solutions that have helped thousands of people like you.

We’re Not Like Those “Newborn Experts” (AKA “Social Media Influencers”) Who Share Their “Top Baby Care Tips For New Moms”

Millennial parents rely on the internet more than any other generation for their parenting concerns.

It’s no surprise that there are so many social media influencers claiming that they are “newborn experts.”

You might not know that different brands are paying some of these influencers to encourage consumers to buy their products, not to help you clarify your parenting style.

Unlike these influencers, we understand the pressure you are under and have the tools to help you feel more confident in how you care for your newborn.

Our coaches have the training and experience to help educate you and your family on caring for your child’s needs.

The Therapeutic Parenting Method Has Worked For Families With Newborns For Almost 20 Years

Although it’s nice to think transitioning into parenthood will be seamless and feel natural, that’s rarely the reality.

Our coaches realize that many parents need guidance.

New parents typically feel unprepared with their newborn. They can often benefit from the support and guidance of a true expert.

In our eyes, there’s no such thing as a parenting mistake.

No matter how frustrated or unprepared you feel, you are searching for help, which means you’re doing something right.

For years, we’ve provided parents with the tools to care for their newborns with confidence and peace of mind. Our Therapuetic Parenting Method is based on psychology and real-life experiences.

We Provide Relief From Your Fear, Uncertainty, And Anxiety Through A Framework Based In Science

Many newborn parents feel like they’re in over their heads.

Parents always have so many eyes on them—they feel massive amounts of pressure to be “perfect parents.”

However, feelings of uncertainty and anxiety can make parents feel far from “perfect.”

If this sounds like you, our team can help you develop critical skills to overcome your fears and feelings of unpreparedness.

Whether You Need Immediate Newborn Care Assistance Or Want a Long-Term Approach, We’ll Custom Tailor Our Solutions To Your Needs

Research shows that parenting classes are beneficial while the parents are taking the class. Parents begin to struggle with new challenges as soon as the classes are over.

That’s why Therapeutic Parenting Method coaches are committed to helping you with your short-term and long-term goals.

Whether you need help getting your baby to sleep through the night or guidance through every infancy stage, we’ll develop a plan that empowers you.

We Educate You (Not Tell You) On How To Find Clarity During An Uncertain Time

Our coaches aren’t here to tell you how to parent correctly.

We’re here to help you find clarity during a time filled with unknowns.

We want you to know it’s normal to feel unprepared and anxious while parenting a newborn.

Once we learn your fears and goals, we can help you parent confidently, even when you aren’t sure you’re doing it “right.”

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