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Looking for a nanny agency in NYC? Have you been trying to find a nanny but don’t know where to start? Has your family had far too many nannies come and go? Maybe you’ve started looking for a nanny, but haven’t had much luck finding, “the one.” Whether you’re located in Brooklyn or the Upper East Side, we’re here to help you find a nanny that meets all of your family’s unique needs. As a nanny agency advocacy, we realize that it’s not about finding any nanny to take care of your children, it’s about finding a nanny that benefits your entire family.

As a Parent, You’re Struggling To Find a Nanny in NYC

Becoming a parent, learning how to parent, and then choosing to share parenting responsibilities with a stranger doesn’t feel right. We get it. We’ve seen hundreds of parents in your same position. We want the best for our children and we expect them to feel safe and loved while being cared for by someone else. Trusting anyone else with the responsibilities we’ve been given can be scary. Finding the best nanny for your family in New York can be tough. We’ve met with so many families that feel completely torn when it’s time for them to go back to work eight short weeks after having a baby. It becomes uncomfortable, overwhelming, and downright frightening. Finding a nanny in NYC isn’t the hard part, there are hundreds! But finding a nanny that is going to help your children thrive is where most families struggle.

The Best Nanny Agency In NY Is Harder To Find Than You Think

Google “Nanny agency NYC” and you’ll find over 10 options in the city alone. It’s full of high-end nanny agencies, but which one is the right one? How do you figure out which is the best nanny agency in NY? If only it were as easy as having someone as loving and compassionate as Ms. Doubtfire come and steal your children’s hearts. Unfortunately, for most parents, it doesn’t come so easily. In fact, most new parents aren’t even sure what the ideal nanny looks like for their family. Because of this, many parents choose a nanny because of convenience over what’s actually best for the entire family. This is where the best nanny agencies in NY can help.

What Too Many Parents Experience When Searching For a NY Nanny Agency

62% of households had two working parents in 2019, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. That’s a lot of families with a lot of childcare needs. Although there are many nannies in Manhattan and the surrounding areas, I’ve learned that too many parents experience far too many struggles when looking for a NY nanny agency. Here’s what We’ve learned:
  • Most parents have no idea where to start when they begin looking for a nanny or a nanny agency in NYC.
  • Nannies don’t work out because they aren’t a good fit for their assigned family. We’ve seen it so many times. Not enough questions were asked, or an agency rushed through matching a family with a nanny.
  • The family had expectations the nanny wasn’t aware of.
  • The children don’t connect well with the nanny causing frustration on all ends.
  • Lack of communication from the get-go.
  • Different ideas of how the child should be taken care of.
  • This typically results in families having multiple nannies in very short periods of time. This can be detrimental to children. Having a nanny is about consistency.
  • It’s important that children have a caretaker that will love them and understand them as much as their parents do.
  • Leaving your children with the wrong nanny can result in long-term impacts on a child’s development.
  • Some families notice delays in development or their child regressing when placed with the wrong nanny.
  • Some nanny agencies in NY only have their eye on the prize – the money they’re going to make – not finding a nanny that best suits your children.
We want to help.

We Have Proven Results Because We Understand What You’re Going Through

Finding a nanny that is a perfect match for your family might feel impossible. We promise, it’s not. As long as you’ve got the right tools in your toolbox. We’ve gone through the process and because we know how hard it can be, we’ve come up with a system that trumps other nanny agencies in NYC. For over 12 years, our “Therapeutic Parenting Method” has improved the lives of thousands of families. I’m a therapist, certified parent coach, and the founder of Gold Parent Coaching. I’ve built a team that helps families find a nanny that meets all of their needs. But, that’s not all… For years I’ve been helping families handle the “terrible-twos,” figure out the best communication strategies with teenagers, even helping couples strengthen their relationships. I started the Therapeutic Parenting Method when my own experiences trying to find the best care for my girls. Modern parenting mixed with a career is tough. I wanted to be the best parent but knew that sometimes, you just can’t do it alone. Part of being a great parent involves asking for help when you need it and seeking guidance for circumstances you may not know how to handle. I needed help. Every parent wants to feel confident going back to work, and want to see their children thrive, even when they can’t be with them. My goal was to make sure my children never felt unloved. You, and every other parent, want to ensure that your children’s development cognitively, emotionally, and physically won’t be negatively impacted when you return to work. You’re not alone. That’s why I created my company, to help parents like you. Our team of “nannyologists” is here to help you and your family. Caregivers are such big influences on your children’s lives, so, we know how important it is to find a nanny in NY that will help shape them into the people they are meant to be. We want to assist you in finding a nanny that your children can rely on and build a strong relationship with. For this reason, we don’t just find you a nanny and then consider it a job well done. We’ll stick with you every step of the way. If you’re not satisfied we’ll see how we can help. Is your child having a hard time adjusting to you being back at work? We’ll help you over the roadblocks.

Here’s what people are saying about The Gold Standard Parenting Nanny Agency Advocacy in NY:

“Tammy and her team are an amazing breath of fresh air! She took the time to educate us on the process of how to find a nanny and really helped narrow down what we needed. What an amazing resource she is – we are so thrilled to have been able to work with her!” “If you’re looking for childcare, Tammy’s agency is the only one you should consider. They are professional, reliable, diligent and bar none the best in NYC.”

How We Help You Find The Perfect Nanny Through Our NYC Nanny Agency Advocacy

Over the years, we’ve come up with a system that has helped thousands of families find the help that they were dreaming of. Finding the perfect nanny takes a lot of work, but using our NYC Nanny Agency makes the process a lot easier. Here’s how we can help:

Step 1: Connect with Tammy Gold with An Intro-Call

If you’re still unsure about hiring a nanny or using a nanny agency advocacy in NY is right for your family, We offer a free 15-minute introduction call. During this call we’ll discuss:
  • What our advocacy agency does
  • Your needs
  • Whether our NYC nanny agency advocacy is the right fit for your family
After our introduction call, if you decide you’re ready to get to work with us, we’ll schedule a kickoff call. Here’s what we’ll do:
  • We’ll learn as much about your family, your children’s needs, and what goals you have for your children while with a nanny.
  • Determine a more in-depth list of your needs and expectations.
  • Create a nanny job description
  • Start the search

Step 2: Contracts are put in place.

Once you place a deposit and all the contracts are signed, the Gold Standard Nanny selection can begin!

Step 3: We’ll follow our Gold Standard Process to find the best nanny for your family.

My 11-step selection process ensures that we recruit a nanny who will keep your children safe, support their growth, and leave you feeling comfortable. We start the process like this: A family needs assessment (FNA). Our FNA goes above and beyond normal nanny agencies in NY, even ones many consider high-class agencies. Our assessment is an in-depth process. The point of the FNA is to match your children with a nanny who can help them flourish as individuals. Begin our proactive recruitment. Most nanny agencies in NY pull their nannies from a database of names. Thankfully, we aren’t most nanny agencies. We recruit nannies based on your needs. We will continue to search for the right fit for your family until we get it right. Our network of nannies is throughout the entire tri-state area. Start the nanny interview process. This is a three-step process that ensures that we’re recruiting the best of the best. Unlike some other nanny agencies in NY, we have a list of requirements we expect nannies we find to meet in order to be considered a gold standard nanny. Once we’ve started the interview process, we’ll do deep dives into candidates’ background checks, drug screenings, references, verifying credentials, social media accounts. The gold standard process for nanny placement in NY has proven positive results. Not only does it help us figure out your family’s needs, but it helps us provide you with a pool of candidates that have the highest probability of success in your household.

What if I Want to Find a Nanny On My Own?

We’ve still got you covered. Some of our clients don’t always live within our service area, or, they want to find a nanny on their own, but need some guidance. As a nanny agency advocate, we offer a nanny agency to-go package. With this package, we provide families with pertinent information needed to start their search for a nanny in NY. As well as information like:
  • The pro’s and con’s of nanny shares
  • Salary information
  • A nanny contract
  • Tips and tricks to using nanny websites
  • Nanny Communication Book
  • Interview, Reference and Trial Outlines

Nanny Agency vs. Nanny Agency Advocate

The two sound the same, but there’s a very large difference between a nanny agency vs a nanny agency advocate. Some nanny agencies in NY aren’t concerned with your child’s needs, milestones, unique personality, etc. These agencies are concerned with making as much money as possible. They don’t value your needs. Nanny agency advocates, on the other hand, were created with your entire family in mind. Our Founder Tammy wrote the book on nannies. She wrote Secrets Of The Nanny Whisperer to help families and nannies everywhere. Think of us as your consultants, not only do we learn about your needs, but we have resources throughout the entire state. We recruit the best nannies from multiple agencies across the state to find a nanny that fits your child’s needs and lifestyle. As advocates want to help you find the best, most suitable, long-term plan for your family. We’re compassionate about what we do and believe in constancy care. Children have enough to figure out as they grow, having a nanny that mirrors their parents’ style, tends to have a more positive effect on them. They don’t feel a void when their parents head back to work. As nanny agency advocates, we never want to see a family struggle with providing the best care for their children, even when they can’t physically be with them.

Therapeutic Parenting Method Can Help

Together, we’ll find a nanny that fits perfectly in your family.