How to Choose a Childcare Provider

Jan 15, 2024 | Childcare

4 Simple Steps to Choosing the Best Childcare

There comes a time when every family must choose childcare. But what’s good for one family may not be the best for you.

So how do you choose among the many options for childcare?

Too often, parents rush into a decision without thinking it through.

They have a neighbor who raves about a local daycare. Or a relative with an amazing nanny.

It can be overwhelming to sort through the various options, which is why I’ve compiled a list of questions you must consider before making any childcare decision.

This guide is designed to help you prioritize your family’s unique needs and make the best choice for you and your child.

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Choosing Childcare: Understanding the Needs of Both You and Your Child

When considering your various childcare options, it’s crucial that you think about your specific needs and the needs of your children.

Take the time to really think about what your life will look like after returning to work. What’s the ideal situation?

Perhaps you need structured days, and schedules offered by a daycare center. Or maybe you’d prefer the one-on-one care and household help of a nanny.

Whichever it is, it’s important to define exactly what you want out of your childcare before beginning the search process.

Step #1 to Choosing Childcare: Questions to Ask Yourself

Before committing to any childcare solution there are some questions you need to ask yourself.

Choosing childcare isn’t like choosing a new pair of shoes. It requires thought and time, and you don’t want to be left with regrets.

Consider these lifestyle factors to begin with:

  • How many hours a day, and on which days do you require childcare?
  • How much flexibility do you need? Are there days you will need to leave your child there longer?
  • Does your work schedule fluctuate between part-time and full-time hours?
  • What is your budget?

Questions like these help to set a foundation for further research by narrowing down your possibilities.

Step #2 to Choosing Childcare: Questions About the Type of Care You Want

Now you can focus on what your goals for childcare include.

For example:

  • Is my child ready to be socialized?
  • Do I want the caregiver to have a childcare education, or is having experience enough?
  • What educational or developmental experiences are important for my child’s age?
  • Do I want my child with same-age children, or with a variety of age groups?

By asking yourself these questions you’ll have a better idea as to the type of care that might be most meaningful to you.

You’ll give yourself a better understanding of how you want childcare to help shape your child.

Step #3 to Choosing Childcare: Questions for Daycare Centers

Perhaps you’ve decided that a daycare center is an ideal environment for your child.

You want socialization, group play, and a set schedule.

When choosing a childcare center, you should consider questions such as:

  • How much individual care is given
  • How big are the group sizes, and what are you comfortable with?
  • Is the environment structured, or is there an opportunity for free play?
  • Does the daycare offer an environment more like a home or a school?
  • Is lunch provided, or does the child require a packed lunch?
  • Do you prefer it if the center is closer to your home or your work?

As you meet with and tour various daycare centers ask these questions to get a feel for which one really resonates with you.

Ultimately, your choice will depend on your comfort level with the answers provided and how you see each center fulfilling your family’s needs.

Day Care Tables

Step #4 to Choosing Childcare: Questions for Nannies

Nanny care is a popular choice for many families and could be the right decision.

When you begin your nanny search, there are questions to consider about the care and also about the nanny.

For example:

  • Do you want the nanny to help around the house, like fixing meals or doing laundry?
  • Does the nanny have formal education or experience?
  • How will your employer handle it if you must take a day off when the caregiver is ill?
  • Will the nanny live-in or come and go each day?
  • How will the nanny make sure your child has opportunities for socialization?
  • Do you want the nanny to help with homework or provide other educational stimulation?

A nanny is in your home alone with your child every day, so this search should include background checks and reference checks.

Often, families decide to use a trusted nanny matching service to provide some comfort and confidence in the decision-making process.

The right nanny is a wonderful extension of your family, so the search should not be taken lightly.

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Prioritize and Research

Once you’ve had all your questions answered, be it for nanny care or daycare, you will need to determine the top priorities from your list.

Make a list of what matters most to you and from there you can choose the option that best fits your desires.

The search for childcare is never easy, nor is the idea of leaving your child with someone new for the first time.

But with this list of questions, you will have the confidence in knowing you have made a choice that will suit both you and your child.

What is Therapeutic Parenting Solutions?

We understand the importance of having access to expert care and the challenges working parents face while raising a family. Therapeutic Parenting allows families to get the care they need on their schedule. Whether it’s a video conference from the office, a phone call on your commute to work or even a call in the middle of the night – parents can get the support and guidance they need from an expert they can trust. From feeding a newborn to helping your teen handle a new phone, Therapeutic Parenting can guide you to a solution.

What is the Therapeutic Parenting Approach?

Our Therapeutic Parenting Approach focuses on educating both the heart and mind while integrating the methodology training system we created to help parents better understand their children. While there are many parent coaches, therapists, and consultants, our unique Therapeutic Parenting Approach combines legitimate training and proven research with an empathetic passion to educate parents without judgment or pressure to buy into a product or service.

What is the Therapeutic Parenting Method?

Like E=MC2, our formula provides parents with the tools they need to overcome their challenges. Our equation focuses on 4 fundamental areas of each child and our belief is that to achieve “Therapeutic” parenting truly, a parent must approach every success and struggle with an understanding of how it affects their child holistically. Many parenting methods and programs typically focus on one area of a child or use the wrong technique – which can cause more harm than help. We developed this equation from over 20 years of research, testing, and combining the most critical components of a person’s life: biology, development, environment, and emotion. Finally, parents have a guide they can tangibly follow and reapply to understand their children and ultimately – better communicate with them and advocate for them. Our one-of-a-kind formula allows logic and order to supersede emotion and chaos, making a profound difference in the bonding and attachment to caregivers and children.

Tammy Gold is a licensed therapist, certified parent coach, published author, and founder of the Therapeutic Parenting Method. She is an ivy league-educated proud mom of 3 living in California.

If you’re seeking guidance on your parenting journey or finding the right childcare, we can help!

About Therapeutic Parenting

We educate parents on the biological, psychological, emotional, and environmental factors involved in their child’s behavior. This proprietary four-pronged approach allows parents to build a deeper understanding of their child’s actions.

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